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Our lead product

Our lead product


The Frescoryl toothpaste tablet requires no water or brush and guarantees oral hygiene care, anywhere and anytime.

“I always have a Frescoryl tablet handy: at work, after lunch or during a coffee break, on a plane, or between appointments …”

Frescoryl offers an innovative and adaptable concept that responds to one of our basic needs:

Optimum oral hygiene at any time, anywhere

Our different product ranges and packaging are extremely practical.

Instructions for use

Practical and effective, Frescoryl is the solution to ensure good oral hygiene. Easy to carry, it can be used without water or brush, anywhere, at anytime.

FRESCORYL, it’s easy !

1 Chew the tablet

2 Rub the surface of the teeth with the tongue for 20 to 30 seconds

3 Swallow without rinsing

This innovative concept complements daily brushing, ensuring permanent hygiene.


Frescoryl en vidéo

Product's benefits

Multi-action real toothpaste :

1 Antibacterial (Xylitol)

2 Reduces the number of acid attacks (Calcium glycerophosphate)

3 Fresh breath (Mentha piperata)

4 Reduce the formation of plaque (Sodium bicarbonate and silica micro-crystals)

Paraben and fluoride free.

Not suitable for children under 6 (precautionary principle : risk of choking)


Frescoryl was voted best natural formula in Europe.

Our lead product : Toothpaste ranking 2013

Sources: ranking made by the independent Noteo Institute 2013 for the ‘Alternatives Economiques’ magazine (Economic Alternatives) and based on 310 toothpaste brands found in supermarkets.

Brand Range Description Overall rating Health Environment Social Budget
FrescorylNatureLogo Nature Chewable, mint flavour, gentle care, healing and regenerating 9,5 10 9,1
Carrefour Act Bio

Carrefour (label Ecocert)

Mint flavour 7,5 10 9,0 7,8 3,4
Colgate Triple Action Contains Fluoride, cavity protection, white teeth, fresh breath, mint flavour 7,2 7,1 6,9 6,8 8,0
Casino Bio Fresh, contains fluoride, fresh breath, with organic mint 6,9 8 8,7 6,9 4,2
Vademecum Phyto-Expertise Sensitivity, complete protection, teeth and gums 6,1 6,2 7,6 7,3 3,4
Vademecum Phyto-Expertise Whiteness 6,1 5,3 8,8 6,9 3,6
Teraxyl Junior Dental solution 5,2 5,1 3,4 6,8 5,6
Signal Integral 8 actions 8 actions, sensitivity 4,6 5,3 1,9 6,5 4,8
Vademecum Homeo Phytol
Compatible with homoeopathy, mint-free 4,2 0,0 7,1 4,6 5,0
Colgate Max White Intense, strong mint, powerful action against stains 3,4 1,4 5,8 4,3 2,3

Notes: This table lists a selection of toothpastes and shows their rating for the following criteria: health, environment, social and budget.

The overall rating is the average of the four ratings. In this study, Noteo Institute tested 310 toothpastes.


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