Frescoryl products are a perfect fit for your activity. Pharmacies, chemists, airlines, restaurants, government departments and local authorities, tobacconists: just a few examples of the areas for which our products are ideally adapted.


Frescoryl offers high quality products that are both innovative and natural, for permanent oral hygiene. Clean teeth and fresh breath anywhere and at any time.

A specialist in the well-being sector, Frescoryl also offers a range of personal hygiene kits designed to be practical and easy to carry for people on the go.

Our products are perfectly adapted to the pharmacy and personal hygiene markets.

The Frescoryl Nature range is dedicated to pharmacies and personal hygiene “stores in a store”, click here to find an outlet.


Essential products for any medical retail outlet :

  • Leader in the Oral Care and Nature market.
  • Our many innovation awards and trophies, labels and certifications are proof of the quality of our products and manufacturing processes.
  • Our Nature formula was voted best European formula for a natural toothpaste.
  • Retail formats and packaging:  our toothpaste in tablet form is ideal for your customers looking for products that are healthy, high quality and “natural”. We are able to offer a range of different point of sale formats: blister packs (sheets of 10 or 30 tablets), individual packaging (flowpack) or a 150-tablet dispenser box.
  • A complementary range of oral care and body hygiene products: products that meet everyday needs (short journeys and longer travel, meal breaks, hygiene for children and young adults).


Frescoryl products have their place in all major retail stores. The toothpaste tablet can be included in the “toothpaste and oral hygiene” section. Placed next to the tills, it makes the perfect impulse purchase, notably for customers looking to replace their chewing gum by a healthy natural oral hygiene product.


Our customers shop with you!

  • An active urban population.
  • Men and womenstudentsworkers.
  • From any social level and of any age.
  • People on the go who may not always have access to a bathroom but who always take their personal hygiene seriously.
  • All those who tend to grab a quick snack, who only have a very limited amount of time for lunch.
  • Frequent travellers, forever on the move and on the look out for innovative solutions for improved well-being.
  • All those who practice a sport or leisure activity away from home, and want to feel clean and fresh afterwards, wherever they are.
  • Today’s connected generation (smartphone, social networks, shopping).


Frescoryl means being able to clean your teeth at any time during a flight or other journey, without leaving your seat. The ABC for a fresh clean mouth:

A: Chew the tablet
B: Rub over the surface of your teeth with your tongue
C: Swallow without rinsing

The first toothpaste in tablet form, Frescoryl offers “freshness in an instant” exactly what your customers have been waiting for! Boost your brand image thanks to a natural, practical and innovative product.


Simple to use, it is a perfect match with your customers’ needs when travelling :

  • Increased passenger-customer comfort, less passenger movement in the cabin.
  • Seen by your clients as an added-value “SERVICE”: customer satisfaction that weighs less than an ounce!
  • Sustainable development: biodegradable packaging, no water required. The solution for a cleaner planet and a healthier future.
  • There are many different ways to offer Frescoryl to your customers: self-service dispenser (toilets), meal trays, sold in the restaurant car, sold from the refreshment trolley, kit provided on long-haul flights or overnight journeys.
  • Competition and innovation: the toothpaste tablet gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors. For passengers, it’s an opportunity to discover a unique product. The Frescoryl tablet can be customised (individual sachet, can be customised under certain conditions), reinforcing its action in terms of marketing and improved brand image for your business.


“All those who eat outside the home share the same problem of being unable to clean their teeth”

Frescoryl is a real toothpaste, an innovative, natural, “lifestyle” product that provides THE solution!

May be customised under certain conditions. We are able to adapt our packaging to the restaurant and snack sectors. Certain brands have already tested and approved our concept.


Just a few of our advantages:

  • A “made-to-measure” product,  whatever your business sector: hotels, holiday rentals and group accommodation, classic (seated) restaurants, fast food or foodtruck, cafés and bars, events, receptions, caterers, etc.
  • Frescoryl is perfectly in line with contemporary trends towards quick snacks eaten on the go! Our lifestyle is changing. With less and less time for lunch, the disappearance of traditional set meals (grabbing a quick bite, at variable times of the day) and a diary that is busier than ever, it is increasingly complicated to clean your teeth. No toothbrush? No water? The toothpaste tablet means clean teeth anywhere and any time.
  • “Frescoryl time”Frescoryl is that little moment of freshness, a magical pause between finishing lunch and getting back to work.
  • Traditional seated catering:  Frescoryl offers the client a little bonus that helps “sweeten” the bill. It can be served with the coffee, or at the counter.
  •  Hotels, apartments and holiday rentals:  the tablet can be offered as a welcome gift for your guests. After all, few professionals in the accommodation industry offer a toothbrush and toothpaste on their guests’ arrival! With Frescoryl you stand out from the crowd!


The Frescoryl chewable toothpaste tablet is an easy-to-use product for those who don’t always have ready access to ideal conditions for good personal hygiene. It adapts perfectly to your area of work:

  • NGO: under emergency conditions Frescoryl is the ideal alternative to classic toothpaste. The cost is far lower than purchasing toothbrushes and toothpaste. It can be used without water, making good oral hygiene possible for populations living under difficult conditions (natural and humanitarian catastrophes, refugees, transit zones, emergency first aid).
  • Public services: State-run organisms have already called on Frescoryl to provide complete hygiene kits (prison authorities, police custody).

Armed forcesthe French army has already shown considerable interest in the toothpaste tablet.  The particular conditions imposed by a soldier’s lifestyle make rapid, discrete oral hygiene essential. Frescoryl is therefore


The products offered are perfectly adapted to your sector, and we are generally able to create “tailor-made” kits that exactly match your needs.


Tobacconists offer an increasingly diversified range of products. Although tobacco continues to remain the go-to product, today’s tobacconists are increasingly seeking to diversify their business and find new sources of income: games, press, confectionery, mobile phone, stationery, watches, perfume and personal hygiene. So why not Frescoryl?


The first toothpaste in tablet form has its rightful place amongst those products already offered, for several reasons:

  • Impulse buy for local convenience stores: packs of Frescoryl toothpaste, placed on the counter, always meet with success. Potential users are intrigued by the innovative concept and keen to test it.
  • Additional turnover: a practical and inexpensive little product that meets consumers’ needs. At a time when the price of a packet of cigarettes is constantly rising, Frescoryl offers an original way to diversify your product range.
  • Making health “fun”offer your customers a personal hygiene product that is different and interesting, in other words the hassle-free way to clean your teeth.  Compared to sweets, the “health” argument wins every time.


Frescoryl products are created by sportsmen and women for sportsmen and women.


Whether you take your sport seriously or enjoy it as a leisure activity, occasionally or regularly, Frescoryl meets the needs of all those who practice a sport. Offer your brand an opportunity to stand out from the crowd:

  • Good personal hygiene after any sports activity: we offer the solutions for an appreciable freshness after the effort, even when far away from the usual facilities.
  • Products that adapt to any type of activity: our product can suit any of your customers, particularly those who enjoy outdoor activities: hiking, skiing, camping, etc.
  • Strong in the sports sector: our packaging is designed to match the spirit of the sports market. We can also offer presentation and “totem” display stands to ensure high visibility.
  • Effective and technical performance: our range of complementary products (powdered drinks and massage gels) has been designed to meet the specific needs of all sports enthusiasts (preparation, performance, recovery and optimisation). The development of our “sports” products is based on the experience of major champions. Our top-level athletes use Frescoryl products everyday and provide valuable feedback, thus ensuring that we continue to meet their expectations as closely as possible.

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