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CSR : Corporate Social Responsibility is our main concern.

The PharmMatt laboratory is keen to contribute to sustainable development (natural products, degradable packaging, all our packaging is bio-degradable) as well as to people’s health and wellbeing.

In response to a demand for basic needs, PharmMatt offers innovative solutions in the Health, Beauty and Wellbeing sectors.


Include and unite all stakeholders

  • Involveall collaboratorsinthe social responsibility
  • Ensureequal opportunitiesand promote diversity
  • Promotea stimulating and respectful workenvironment which allows everyone to reach their full potential.



Be excellent in order to last

  • Ensure customer satisfaction: qualityandadded value
  • A relationship based on: Proximity -Pragmatism-Professionalism-Proactivity-Multidisciplinary– Practicality
  • Anticipate andinnovateto meet market players’ needs


Our common future

  • Promoteculture, sportsand education
  • Preserveecological environment
  • Contribute to the developmentof local territories



Act on our values

  • Pursue our missions ethically and with integrity, apply our professional rules and guidelines
  • Engage in our stakeholders’ ethical standards
  • Ensure transparent communication with our stakeholders