Frescoryl Dentifrice naturel à croquer en pastille ou en poudre

Chewable toothpaste (10 tabs) lemon flavor


– Toothpaste in tablet
– Natural ingredients
– Easy to use, without water nor brush
– Clean teeth and fresh breath anywhere and at anytime



Frescoryl is a toothpaste in tablet form.
Easy to use, without water nor brush, to have clean teeth and fresh breath anywhere and at

Frescoryl in three steps:
1. Chew the tablet
2. Rub with your tongue the surface of the enamel during 20 or 30 seconds
3. Swallow without rinsing

Product benefits

Frescoryl contains:
•Polishing agents (Silica crystals) that combat bacterial plaque and reveals the teeth's natural
•Anti-bacterial agent (Xylitol).
•Strong buffering agents that neutralize the buccal acidity that causes caries (Phosphate
•Breath freshener: long lasting freshening effect (lemon flavor).


Best formula for natural toothpaste" (Noteo Institut)
“Snacking d'Or for best Product »” (France Snacking)
“Sustainable Beauty Awards 2018” (Best New Product) and “2019” (Runner-Up Sustainable
packaging) (Ecovia Intelligence)
"Road Silk Innovation Trophy» (Chinese Government)
“AAA maximum score = no risk” (Que Choisir)
“Score of 93/100 = excellent” (Application Yuka)
•Responsible gesture for environment
•Frescoryl is a New Lifestyle hygiene process to have clean teeth and fresh breath after the
•Ideal complement to your daily mechanical brushing


Xylitol, Phosphate dicalcique, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium silicate, Aroma lemon, Acid
citric, Triticum vulgare, sodium bicarbonate, Silica, Stevia.
•100% natural formula with NATRUE certification
•Free from parabens
•0% fluoride and 0% preservatives
•Made from plant-based ingredients

Nutrition facts

1 tab (0.75 g/0.03 Oz), Total Calories 1.92 kcal (0.1% VNR), Fats 0.014 g (0.02 % VNR),
Sodium 0.024g (0,4% VNR), Carbs 0.45g (0.02% VNR), Sugar 0.05g (0.06% VNR), Protein
0.01g (0.02% VNR). Nutrition facts are based on a daily consumption of 2000 kcal.
Sustainable pakaging
Tabs in 100% sustainable pack:
•Round metal tin
•Attractive and practical




Metal box

Type of use

Toothpaste without water